The role of a Faculty Site Representative mainly consists of the following:

Communication and liaison for the teachers of their site, recruitment and retention of LTA members, and representation and negotiation for said members. Reps also pickup and distribute materials to teachers when announcements are made, which can include elections, meetings, events, and special incentives. Distribution can include posting LTA materials on the local school communications board as well as placing items in each individual teacher’s box.

The ideal Site Rep is:

• Responsible, trustworthy, responsive, and has integrity
• Available/accessible to members
• Unbiased, objective, & noncombative
• Professional, ethical, friendly, fair, and firm
• Courageous & outspoken, but a great listener
• Attends and participates in all LTA Rep Meetings
• Active in CTA/NEA activities and conferences
• Caring and sensitive to members’ concerns and responds quickly to them
• Communicates effectively and timely on LTA issues & developments
• Is the voice of the Teachers
• Analyzes situations
• Perseveres
• Knows, understands, & represents the contract
• Knowledgeable of CBA
Site reps attend local LTA meetings once a month in order to stay up-to-date on events and issues, as well as inform Executive Board members of any concerns or issues they have within their schools. Reps also convene school-based meetings on a regular basis–not just when there are issues–so they can inform members of local events as well as report back to members on the Rep Council meeting occurrences.
Below are the Site Reps for each individual school site within the Lynwood Unified School District (LUSD).
If you see a vacancy within your school and would like more information on potentially filling that vacancy, please reach out to the LTA Office by emailing



Abbott Elementary

•Araceli Monreal

•Ann Salvador (Alternate)

•Cecilia Ortiz (Alternate)

Cesar Chavez Middle School

•Francisco Lopez

•Abel Ortega

•Brian Clemmons(Alternate)

Firebaugh High School

  • Cynthia Rascon
  • Amber Palma
  • Phil Diep (Alternate)

Helen Keller Elementary

  • Anita Dhunna
  • Mireya Macareno (Alternate)

Hosler Middle School

•Justyn Brisbon




     Lincoln Elementary

  • Maria Avalos
  • Vacancy

Lindbergh Elementary

  • Johnny Lindsey
  • Stephanie Shoulders

Lugo Elementary

  • Melissa Ruiz (Alternate)
  • Tracy Ellis 


  • Sandra Naranjo

Lynwood Adult

  • Ethel Wade

Lynwood High School

  • Alejandro Claustro
  • Cathy Hekking
  • Richard Mejia
  • Manuel Conde (Alternate)
  • Viviana Vargas (Alternate)
  • Vacancy

Mark Twain Elementary

  • Claudia Benavides
  • Jose Lopez

Marshall Elementary

  • Raquel Meneses
  •  Joy Deyarmond

Pathway Independent Study (K-8)

  • Shari Kaya

Pathway Independent Study HS

  • Michelle Harnage

Roosevelt Elementary

  • Stephanie Fairell-Smith
  • Vacancy

Rosa Parks Elementary

  • Charlotte Taylor 
  • Vacancy (Alternate)

Vista Continuation School

  • Kimon Harris
  • Richard Medrano (Alternate)

Washington Elementary

  • Richard Medina
  • Shirley Giacoman (Alternate)

Will Rogers Elementary

  • Rolando Blanco
  • Jacqueline Sandlin

Wilson Elementary

  • Merav Raanan
  • Brittany Carranza

Early Childhood Education

  • Laura Gonzalez
  • Vacancy

School Psychologists

  • Sheree Haygood
  • Vacancy

Speech Pathologists

  • Vacancy