1. The election for local delegate(s) will be held between March 13 and 14, 2018.
  2. The election will be held at each school site.
  3. The hours of the election are during non-instructional time.
  4. A declaration of candidacy form will be filed with the elections committee at the LTA Office, 11501 S. Atlantic Ave., Lynwood, no later than 5:00 p.m. on February 15, 2018.
  5. It is NEA policy that each state includes ethnic-minority delegates in numbers commensurate with the population of the state. The percentage for the year 2017-2018 is 60%.
  6. It is CTA policy that the Association is committed to ethnic minority representation in the California delegation.
  7. A chapter and a cluster of chapters must follow the same requirements, as follows:
    a. There must be open nominations. All NEA members are eligible to nominate or be nominated for office.
    b. Declaration of Candidacy forms shall be readily available to members, stating requirements as to time and place of filing. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CANDIDATE TO ENSURE THAT THIS DOCUMENT IS RECEIVED BY THE DUE DATE AND TIME AT THE PROPER LOCATION.
    c. No less than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to an election, the local chapter shall notify members of the election.
    d. Candidates must not use any portion of the dues money of the local, service center council, state or national level to promote the candidacy.
    e. District email addresses and/or systems shall not be used for campaigning.
    f. All NEA members within the chapter or cluster of chapters shall be eligible to vote.
    g. The time and place of the election must be designated.
    h. Candidates may run as both state and local delegates, but must decide which position to accept and notify the Service Center Council and local, in writing, no later than April 13, 2018 of the position selected. This will relinquish all claims the delegate has to the released position.
    i. Elections shall be by secret ballot.
    j. There shall be a provision for write-in candidates.
    k. The election shall be by plurality vote.
    l. When there is a tie in a plurality election, the following procedure shall be followed:
    i. When there is a tie, the ballots shall be recounted.
    ii. If the result is still a tie, then the elections committee chairperson shall:
    (a) Call the candidates (according to the CTA alphabet) and inform them of the tie and that a coin toss shall be used to determine the winner.
    (b) If the first candidate called wishes to remain in the race, the chairperson shall ask that candidate to choose “heads” or “tails” in the coin toss.
    (c) The elections committee chairperson shall designate the time and place for the coin toss and inform the candidates, who may have an observer present. The
    observer may be the candidate.
    (d) The elections committee shall note the coin toss on the CTA Official Teller’s Report.
    (e) The elections committee shall follow the established procedure in notifying the candidates of the results.
    m. If there is a tie among three or more candidates, contact the CTA Elections & Credentials Committee Chairperson through the Governance Support Department at 650-552-5302.
    n. All candidates shall be ranked in order of votes received.
  8. A chapter or a cluster of chapters may waive the requirement for secret ballot election for NEA RA local delegates and candidate(s) declared elected only if the following conditions have been met prior to the election being held:
    a. The chapter or cluster of chapters has adopted a governing provision or election policy allowing the practice for waiving the NEA RA local delegates elections secret ballot when the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of delegate positions to be filled.
    b. The period for open nominations shall be no less than fifteen (15) calendar days.
    c. This election practice will not generate successor delegates unless the nomination process requires candidates for both regular and successor delegate positions.
  9. Each ballot shall list names of candidates in the current CTA official alphabet order:  B F Z T O X M G A C N L W Q D U J K E V I H R Y P S
  10. The results of the election shall be made known to the members by the local association as appropriate through any procedure that allows the members to obtain the information without unusual effort.
  11. The local must retain all ballots and election records until the expiration of the term to which the delegate was elected.
  12. Successor delegates (alternates) shall be elected in the same manner as the regular delegates and must meet the same requirements as regular delegates. Only those members who are certified are eligible to serve as successor delegates.
  13. Terms for local delegates may range from one to three years. There is no limit to the number of terms, and the terms can be staggered. The term (one, two, or three years) shall be listed on the ballot.

When the results of the local delegate elections are determined, the LTA Office will submit the local delegate election reporting forms no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 6, 2018, to the CTA Elections and Credentials Committee.