CTA is proud to present the twelfth annual (and first virtual) CTA conference addressing LGBTQ+ issues involving educators, students and the community. This conference is open to all CTA members and will serve as a venue to discuss a variety of subjects affecting the entire membership and California’s youth. 

Register Now: 2020 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference – Home Edition!

This year’s conference will have sessions focused around three themes: the Educational Environment, What’s Going On?, and What Can I Do?. Session highlights include:

  • Implementing a Gender Safety and Communication Plan in Schools
  • Creating and Maintaining an Effective GSA
  • Current Issues Facing the LGBTQ+ Asian American Community
  • Professional Development to Support Transgender Diversity in Early Childhood Programs
  • What Parents of LGBTQ+ Students Need

Featured Presenter

Dr. Jonathan P. Higgins (they, them, theirs) is changing the way we discuss the intersections of gender, race and identity in education and entertainment. In their first TEDx talk titled “Unlearning Fear”, they examine the importance of speaking truth to power and what it means to not only reclaim personal power, but to walk in your full authenticity. They hold a doctorate in educational justice and write regularly about intersectionality and liberation for queer people and what it means to not just survive, but thrive.