United Teachers of Los Angeles (ULTA) Stike Update

January 17, 2019

Good Afternoon, LTA Members,

Please read the following important message from CTA President Eric Heins:

The UTLA Strike has been topping headlines in every community around the state, nation, and even the globe. It truly is monumental. Let’s help them keep the momentum going. I’m asking you and our local members to take part in a #RedForEd Day this Friday, Jan. 18th! Spread the message to your members, family, and friends and share on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #WeAreCTA and #RedForEd on every post. If you can, join UTLA on the strike line. Visit www.utla.net for more info. Let’s keep letting our colleagues know their fight is our fight! We are Stronger Together!

State Budget Proposal

We all know elections matter and that was never more true than when Gov. Gavin Newsom released his first state budget proposal last week. It includes a record $80.7 Billion for public education—a record cost-of-living increase, more money for Special Education and Higher Education, tuition free Community College, universal Kindergarten and preschool, addressing the teacher shortage, corporate charter school accountability, and additional funding to help school districts meet pension costs.

This budget proposal shows that Governor Newsom listened to educators and parents and understands the needs of our students. It’s a strong step toward reducing the chronic under-funding of public education.

You can read the statement we issued to the news media and the analysis in the CTA Budget Memo.

United in the fight,
Eric Heins