1. Each delegate will be expected to arrive in Minneapolis, MN on June 29, 2018. This will allow the delegates enough time to complete California and NEA registration as an official delegate to the Representative Assembly (RA) and also attend California’s first caucus meeting, which is scheduled for June 30, 2018 at 10:15 a.m.

2. Each delegate will be expected to attend all caucuses of the California delegation. The caucus usually begins at 7:00 a.m. daily. Delegates must be registered with the California delegation to sit with and participate in the caucus. Delegates are expected to remain through the convention.

3. Each delegate shall attend all business meetings of the RA.

4. Each delegate is strongly encouraged to attend NEA Budget Committee Hearings, Resolutions Committee Hearings, Bylaw Committee Hearings, and speeches by prominent national figures, etc.

5. Each delegate should take into consideration CTA State Council and caucus policy when voting.

6. Each delegate is encouraged to participate fully in all activities of California’s delegation.

7. Each delegate, state and local, will be expected to sit with his or her Service Center Council delegation on the RA floor or to inform the appropriate person where he or she will be seated. This is to ensure communication regarding RA business and/or personal emergency information of concern to the delegate, as well as to verify attendance.

8. LTA will reimburse elected delegates for their expenses, with receipts, up to $2000 per delegate. Please note that delegates will be reimbursed for double occupancy hotel costs. However, if a delegate chooses to request a single room, he/she will be required to pay the difference between the double and single occupancy rate.

I understand that, as a local delegate, my attendance is being directly funded, at least partially, by membership dues. I accept my responsibility to carry out the above-specified duties. Return this form to the LTA Office, 11501 S. Atlantic Avenue, Lynwood, CA 90262, no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

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