Bargaining Update #10: Tentative Agreement Info
November 22, 2019

We have reached a tentative agreement on our successor contract with the District. The LTA Bargaining Team is proud of the work we were able to accomplish in collaboration with the District in this round of bargaining. Below is a summary list of the highlights and changes included in the tentative agreement. The complete tentative agreement can be viewed by clicking here.
As previously reported, throughout negotiations, the parties engaged in meaningful dialogue on critical issues important to our members, including special education, class size, and safety. Significant changes have been made to these areas, including: defined student/teacher class size ratios; compensation for unresolved class size issues exceeding student/teacher ratios; support for inclusion classrooms; changes to RSP caseload language; and increased transparency and accountability addressing member facility and safety concerns. Significant changes were also made to hours of work and employment including language addressing elementary physical relief breaks. We also revised the grievance process to include binding arbitration. Salary increases, changes to honorariums, and relief to health and welfare benefits are also provided for in the tentative agreement.
We are currently working with our site reps to roll out a timeline for the ratification vote. We anticipate the ratification vote will take place at the sites on December 4th and 5th. Please stay posted.


  • Retroactive to July 1, 2019, all salary schedules shall be increased by 2.0% across the board.

Health & Welfare Benefits:  

  • .5% off-schedule to put towards medical insurance benefits effect January 1, 2020.
  • Amend Article 9.2 as follows: Beginning January 1, 2020, the District’s tenthly contribution for medical insurance for a full-time employee shall be set at a maximum of 1 Party-$731.00, 2-Party-$1,256.00, and 3+Party-$1,571. In the event a unit member is not full-time, the allocation will be prorated.


  • Move from Step 1 Column 3 to Step 1 Column 6.
  • Addition of new positions: Webmaster, Track & Filed Elem, Elem Yearbook, Lacrosse Coach
  • Adjustments: Increase Elem Dept Chair to 4%, Increase Math-a-thon to 4%, Academic Decathlon Advisor-add 1 additional honorarium per school for a total of 2 teachers, Mock Trial Advisor-add 1 additional honorarium per school for a total of 2 teachers, Mesa Advisor-add 1 additional honorarium per school for a total of 2 teachers, Pentathlon Advisor-add 1 additional honorarium per school for a total of 2 teachers.
  • Clarifications for Performing Arts, Secondary ASB, and Elementary ASB honorariums.
  • Clarifications regarding posting of honorariums, selection of Dept Chairs/Grade Level Chairs, and evaluation.

Article III, Association Rights:

  • Add and amend language regarding release time for LTA President; update payroll deduction language and information provided to Association consistent with changes in law; add language regarding LTA participation in new teacher orientation.

Article IV, Rights and Duties of Unit Members:

  • Clarify language regarding binding arbitration process in cases of discipline suspension without pay; add language regarding processes for bargaining unit member placed on paid administrative leave.

Article V: Summer School & Intersession Assignments:

  • Amend language regarding notification of summer school assignments; add assignment wait-list language for bargaining unit members not initially selected for summer school; add potential for shared or substitute summer school assignments; clarify summer school selection criteria to include “past 2 years” and “Science”; add language regarding compensation for work performed if class is cancelled after the start of summer school; amend process regarding selection of ECE teachers for summer, winter, and spring intersession assignments.

Article VII: Grievance Procedure:

  • Clarify language regarding mediation and appointment of a mediator; amend language to include binding arbitration process.

Article X: Hours of Employment & Working Conditions:

  • Amend language to clarify SLP and School Psych work year; amend language to clarify ECE work year to include 30-minute duty-free lunch, non-student days, PD days, and time for processing DRDPs; clarify SLP and School Psych participation in Back to School, Open House, and adjunct duties; update substitute assignments to be paid at the hourly rate; add language addressing workload concerns for SLPs and School Psychs returning from a leave of absence exceeding 10 days; add language providing elementary school unit members one 15-minute physical relief break per day, scheduled during the unit member’s grade level recess time; add language providing grade level chairs, dept chairs, school leads, and school safety members school site gate keys; amend language regarding grading and utilization of the District’s Student Information Gradebook; add language regarding when student grades shall be posted; amend language regarding attendance at education conferences, trainings and meetings.

Article XI: Special Education:

  • Clarify language regarding SDC class size ranges; update RSP caseload language to specify no RSP teacher shall have a caseload which exceeds 28 pupils; add language specifying that the District shall support the placement recommendation of the IEP team; add language providing special education department bargaining unit members input into PD interests and needs; clarify language to include training for new instructional materials, assessment models, or technology; amend language exempting special education department bargaining unit members from at least three grade level/dept meetings yearly for purposes of attending special education department training; update inclusion language to specify if any one TK-6 elementary education classroom or secondary general education inclusion class in English, Math, Science, or Social Studies includes more than 25% inclusion students, that classroom shall be assigned a special education aid to support the classroom; add language clarifying the role, duties, and participants for the Special Education Handbook Committee; establish a joint LUSD/LTA Districtwide Special Education Committee to develop and evaluate program needs, identify action plans, and make recommendations for district-wide long-term goals in special education; clarify SLP assignments to include language specifying that SLPs shall remain in their worksite assignments until such time the SLP requests a change of assignment, the total caseload cannot support the assignment, or the principal/immediate supervisor requests a change of assignment.

Article XIV: Class Size:

  • Amend class size language to specify defined student/teacher ratios across all grade levels; delete language allowing the District to exceed defined student/teacher ratios; establish process for resolving class sizes that exceed student/teacher ratios including compensation at $100 per additional student per 20 days until such time the class size excess is resolved.

Article XV: Leaves:

  • Amend language to specify that personal illness and injury leave shall be taken in one-day or half-day increments; update parental leave language to comply with state statue; add language pertaining to FMLA.

Article XVI: Safety & Health:

  • Amend language regarding unit member safety and health concerns to include provisions specifying that within 5 days, the District shall provide the concerned employee an update to the plan of action addressing their concerns; add language regarding review of and updates to the District Safety Plan; add language regarding site development and review of school safety plans, as well as action plans associated with school safety plans; add language requiring the District to provide two CPR and First Aid trainings a year on a teacher unpaid, non-work day; add language specifying that the training costs of CPR and First Aid trainings shall be paid by the District; add language specifying that in the case of a student needing specialized health care procedures, a pre-placement meeting shall take place at the local site with the affected employees.

Article XXII: Duration and Reopeners:

  • Update language to specify the successor agreement will remain in effect until June 20, 2022 and that there will be reopeners in 2020/21 and 2021/22 on salary, health and welfare, and one article each selected by the parties.


  • Add side letter addressing secondary planning periods, concerns that secondary planning periods are increasingly being used by secondary site administration to schedule meetings or trainings, imposing on contractual time allotted for planning and prep; establish joint committee process to review and make recommendations regarding secondary planning periods.

Stronger Together,
LTA Bargaining Team
Glenda Arellano, Lynwood Middle School, Bargaining Chair
Angela Porter, Helen Keller ECE
Myrna Vergara, Lindbergh Elementary
Michael Montoya, Vista Continuation School
Maelanie Galima, Lynwood High School
Lydia Hollie, Lindbergh Elementary
Tom Pinkava, CTA


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