A Message from CTA President Eric Heins:

On April 20, 2018, CTA and NEA will participate in the National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools. Every community’s response to this problem will be different, but we will all send the same message to our elected leaders: We can no longer tolerate inaction. We want to know: what do you want your community’s action to look like on April 20? How will you take action against gun violence in schools? Click here to let us know.

We must stand together in a way that sends a strong message to policy makers that #enoughisenough.  

There are two other events that have started at the grassroots level and are being organized by students, parents, and activists. For legal reasons, CTA does not organize for “walk outs,” but supports the rights of students, educators, parents and others to advocate for an end to gun violence in our schools. For more information regarding CTA policy regarding walkouts, click here.

Two other national events being planned:

  • March 14 – Enough is Enough school walk out, organized by the Women’s March

We strongly urge you to click here to register your April 20th event or your intent to take action. We also ask that you help us to spread the word about this day of action by sharing the link and details as widely as possible.

Other things you can do right now: