Summary of Article 13.1 – 13.3.8

(note: this is not the complete contents of Article XIII)


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All unit members shall be evaluated under the provisions of the Stull Act. The District shall provide the necessary training for those administrators engaged in the process of evaluation to assure a level of competence by the evaluators. Administrators who have completed the necessary training shall participate in the evaluation process.

Evaluation Procedure

a.  Probationary and temporary unit members shall be evaluated each school year.  Permanent (tenured) unit members shall be evaluated every other school year.

b.  By mutual agreement between the evaluator and the unit member being evaluated, a permanent (tenured) unit member with at least ten (10) years with the District may be evaluated every five (5) school years provided he/she is highly qualified  (as defined in 20 U.S.C. Sec 7801) and his/her previous evaluation met or exceeded standards.  The evaluator or evaluatee may withdraw consent at any time.

c. If a unit member is not evaluated during the scheduled year, such evaluation shall take place in the following school year.

-Unit members to be evaluated during a particular school year shall be informed of the identity of the evaluator and furnished a copy of the evaluation procedures, relevant forms, and advised of the criteria upon which the evaluation is based no later than thirty (30) work days following the beginning of the unit member’s school year in which the evaluation is to take place. Evaluation criteria shall be relevant to the work performed.  The LUSD Evaluation Form, LUSD Evaluation Criteria, and LUSD Evaluation Rubric are included in Appendix J-1, J-2, and J-3 of this Agreement.

-The evaluator shall meet with the unit member to be evaluated on or before forty-five (45) working days following the beginning of the unit member’s school year in which the evaluation is to take place to review the evaluation procedures pursuant to statutory requirements and this Agreement. In this meeting, the evaluator shall inform the evaluatee of the final evaluation conference date.

-Unit member evaluation shall include at least one (1) and no more than two (2) formal observation in accordance with the Evaluation Form (Appendix J-1, J-2, and J-3). Prior to visitation for the formal observation, the evaluator and evaluatee shall meet and establish the date and time for the formal observation. If the evaluator and evaluatee are unable to agree on a formal observation date, the evaluator shall establish the date and notify the evaluatee. Where a formal observation(s) must be rescheduled, the evaluatee shall be notified at least two working days prior to the rescheduled observation(s).  Within ten work days of completion of the formal observation(s), the evaluator and evaluate shall meet to discuss the formal observation(s). This procedure shall not limit management rights to informal observations of a unit employee.

The evaluation process will take into consideration the following:

a.  Classroom observations and visitations shall be in accordance with the District’s evaluation form used.

-In the case of unsatisfactory evaluation(s), the evaluate shall be informed in writing as to the reasons for the unsatisfactory evaluation, the specific recommendations for improvement, the standards expected of him/her, corrective action which must be taken, and the assistance and resources available to implement such recommendations for improvement.

-A final evaluation conference between the unit member and the evaluator shall be held no later than thirty (30) days before the unit member’s last scheduled workday on the school calendar for the school year in which the unit member’s evaluation takes place. (Ed. Code 44663). During this conference, the unit member shall be provided a written copy of his/her final evaluation. In the event the unit member disputes the content of the final evaluation, the unit member may prepare a written response to the evaluation which shall be attached and incorporated into the final evaluation.

-Unit members shall not participate in the evaluation(s) and/or observations of other unit members.